About Us

Sagebrush Consultants, a wholly owned subsidiary of Commonwealth Cultural Resources Group, Inc. (CCRG), is a private consulting company specializing in cultural resource management and historic preservation to governmental and private clients. With more than 2000 projects completed, Sagebrush maintains a staff with expertise in working with current federal, state, and local historic preservation laws and regulations, providing our clients with professional service and reports.

Sagebrush is located in the City of Ogden, Utah, which is centrally situated at the historic “Crossroads of the West”. Sagebrush is organized around a core of professional staff with extensive experience in cultural resource management. Sagebrush offers expertise to clients in archaeological surveys and excavations, construction monitoring, evaluation and documentation of historic properties and landscapes, historic preservation planning, and archaeological histories and inventories. Additional services include analysis and curation preparation of historic and prehistoric artifacts, archival and oral history, and Native American consultation. Sagebrush also assists clients in developing effective mitigation strategies, such as the preparation of interpretive materials and displays for presentation to the public.

Sagebrush employs a staff of professional archaeologists, licensed paleontologists, geoarchaeologists, and architectural history and historical architectural consultants. Sagebrush utilizes the most up to date GPS technology and computer software for complete GIS analytical capability and cartographic production. Affiliated staff in the offices of CCRG provide additional support and expertise in the eastern United States.